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Theo Akimaru
Voice Over Artist

German, Greek, English and Spanish voice over

Theo is a multilingual professional voice actor. Check out his introduction video below to check on accents and styles. Feel free to ask for a quote. Thanks for taking the time to check out this website. 




Good equipment is the key to high quality recordings

Main Mic

Main Mic

Neumann TLM 193

Second Mic

Second Mic

Sennheiser MKH416



Avalon Vt737sp

Audio Interface

Audio Interface

Presonus Studio 2|6



Cockos Reaper


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: Primarily PayPal. If you prefer other payment methods, we can talk about it.

Q: Do you charge the same for all languages you perform in?

A: Yes, I charge the same for all 4 languages (English, Spanish, German, Greek).

Q: Do you have any specific payment policies?

A: Yes. In order to make sure I get paid, I usually send the recording with the last few seconds missing. If the client is happy with the delivery, he makes the payment and I send the full version of the recording.

Q: Are there any projects you don’t work on?

A: Yes. I don’t work on projects related to violence, politics, religion, spiritism, adult content and scripts with offensive language.

Q: Do you charge apart for commercial rights?

A: No.

Q: How about directed sessions?

A: No additional fees. I have Source Connect but I also work using Zoom, Skype etc.

Q: What is your revision policy?

A: I don’t charge for additional revisions unless the client modifies the script. In that case I will charge an small fee for the additional work.

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